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Le-Anne Parkinson

Le-Anne Parkinson

Pop Up Business Development Manager

Responsibilities and Expertise:

Le-Anne commenced her career in Shopping Centre Management with Grovensor Properties over 30 years ago, and has worked for Byvan/FPD Savills and now Retail First.
Commencing her Retail Management career in Administration, Le-Anne moved through the ranks and was promoted to Casual Mall Leasing Manager, developing and nurturing the department to where it is today. Le-Anne’s strategic thinking, planning and drive was the instigation for the rebranding of Casual Mall Leasing to Pop Up, and simultaneously maximising the value of the Owner’s assets.

Pop Up First now provides a variety of Pop Up Solutions for clients to promote their brand or sell their products within the Retail First Portfolio.

Le-Anne’s proven track record has grown the Pop Up Leasing income for Property Owners over a past  15 years, and her determination and ability to introduce new clients to the portfolio continues to strengthen this area of revenue.